Security Fencing


Using well-known brands – Stafix, Pel and Speedrite, manufactured in New Zealand by Tru-Test, we construct electric barriers on new and existing fences, by attaching staple lok posts, carrying high tensile wires from the bottom and extending above the top of fence, untidy saggy barbed wire can be eliminated. Gates can be opened and closed using high voltage contacts.

The energizer unit delivers up to 12,000 volts and is able to be monitored by existing alarm systems or wired independently with alarm and tele-dialer switched on/off by remote control, key switch/key pad or alarm. 

Cheap to run with 12 hour battery backup for power outs, this system makes a powerful deterrent for unmanned factories yards and temporary construction sites, great for deterring tagging, with warning given at boundary before damage is done inside. 

The FAQ page will assist an our most common questions, or feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.



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